Welcome to the Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities Network (EPIC-N) Database

The EPIC-N Project Database contains information and outputs from many of the EPIC-N programs and projects.  Some of this data is currently available and each of the EPIC programs are gradually adding to the overall database.  To begin accessing the data, you can enter search terms into the search box in the upper right or click on the tab just above that says "Explore the Data".

The EPIC-N Database is meant to be a public good - many communities around the country and world are looking for solutions to similar issues, wheher it is transforming to more sustainable forms of transportation or doing better at engaging the entirety of a community's inhabitants and everything in between.  This database provides some of the ideas and solutions that students, working with their instructors and community partners, have come up with, usually with one eye toward an idealistic approach and the other idea firmly grounded in current realities.

For faculty, in addition to the project outputs, it is possible to look for applied courses by disicpline or major, including accessing course syllabi, hopefully providing both ideas and contacts to help more people integrate applied, project-base learnign into the classroom.

This database will continue to evolve, as will the interface we develop. It is a work in progress, but one we hope you will find value in.


 Creation of this database platform was made possible through the support of the National Institute for Transportation and Communities (NITC)